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Hi I’m Mel McKay and I think I have the best job in the world!

I’m a super sappy hopeless romantic, who is perpetually single. I love old movies, especially Cary Grant films. I’m a total Fan Girl Geek when it comes to Star Wars. I also love Halloween, traveling, cooking, good conversation and movie marathons, not at the same time of course. I enjoy reading and I am still trying to learn the guitar. I’ve been on a couple career journeys outside of radio in recent years, and became a renaissance woman of sorts. I’m beyond thrilled to spend Hometown Mornings with you.

Meet Wilson!

When the pandemic began, I found myself alone in the studio for the 1st time.  I have zero issues admitting I was a little lonely. So, I made my own mini Wilson!

Wilson has turned into an incredible producer. Who knew I could make something so talented!

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Philanthropy Thursday

Every Thursday at 8:20am I have a conversation with a representative from a non profit organization doing awesome things in our Hometown.

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If you want your organization featured on Philanthropy Thursday email me: [email protected]

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The Box Officer Podcast 

Every Friday Morning at 8:05 Derek Zemrak joins me to chat movies.

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New Podcasts publish every Friday Morning at 8am.  Click HERE to listen!

“Conversations with Mel McKay” on Tri-Valley TV

Each month I host this current events talk program. Click the logo to watch the latest episode.

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Mel McKay

Pronouns: She/Her

E-mail me: [email protected]