The Ten Rudest Things You Can Do at the Pool This Summer

The Ten Rudest Things You Can Do at the Pool This Summer

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, so we’re heading into POOL season.  Here’s something to help make sure everyone else at the pool doesn’t HATE you.

A bunch of etiquette experts came up with a list of the rudest things people do at pools.  Thanks Huff Post. Here are ten behaviors to avoid . . .

1.  Using the pool as a toilet.  Yeah . . . please don’t pee in there.

2.  Bringing glassware.  Stick with plastic cups, or metal water bottles.  Breaking a glass at a public pool isn’t a good look.

3.  Hogging the lounge chairs.  If you want to show up early to get the best spot, that’s fine.  Just don’t use towels, books, and bags to “hold” your spot and then disappear until 2:00 p.m.

4.  Letting your kids run wild.  Letting them have fun is one thing.  Just be willing to rein it in if you need to.

5.  Topless tanning.  WE’RE not judging.  But parents might if you undo your top at a public pool or kid-friendly resort.  Even if you’re lying face-down, you’ll get some looks.

6.  Excessive splashing, including cannonballs.  Again, that’s usually about keeping kids . . . and husbands . . . in check.

7.  Blasting music.  Don’t assume everyone wants to listen to it.  Unless it’s a private pool, use headphones.

8.  Going inside barefoot.  That one’s mainly for resorts and hotels.  If you’re heading inside, towel off and put shoes on.

9.  Jumping in when you’re gross or super-sweaty.  Towel off first.  Or if it’s a beachside pool and you’re still sandy, use an outdoor shower before you get in.

10.  Showing up with a contagious condition.  Like a rash or foot fungus.  Don’t assume the chlorine will keep it from spreading.  They also say people might not love it if you go swimming with an obvious OPEN WOUND.