First, let me explain the name. The Cat’s Pajamas Club came to be after an inside joke that just kept going. It all started when I wore this hat on our vacation to Europe in 2011.

“That hat is the Cat’s Pajamas!” – Maria my sister and best friend for life.

Ironically the Hostel we stayed at the Amsterdam had this painting on the wall of our room.  It was kismet.

Since then we’ve had the Cats Pajama’s Wine Club, book club & now PI Club. Back to the topic at hand. A few months ago we were looking for a new fun thing to do together. Maria suggested we give Hunt a Killer a shot, pun intended 😉

Hunt a Killer is a subscription service that once a month delivers you, in theory, all the same things law enforcement officials use to investigate and solve crimes. At the end of each episode you eliminate a suspect.

We were both very excited, I admit the murder wall was something I was looking forward to putting together. Maria got us a 6 month subscription to the ‘Class of 1998’ mystery. The Cat’s Pajamas PI’s were on the case. It takes some time to get signed up for the various websites they direct you to. After the first episode we were hoping it would get better. There was no clear reason to eliminate any of the suspects, but we had too. So we guessed until we got it right, you click on a suspect and it will tell you if you are correct or wrong.

We held out hope, maybe we were taking it too seriously, only time would tell. After finishing the 4th episode (of 6) and we will not be ordering it again. So disappointing.

All I can say is, they failed on basics and got way to complicated on the unnecessary. I don’t want to spoil it for you, if you choose to give it a shot, again pun intended 😉

I am back to enjoying my murders and mysteries the old fashioned way, books, movies, TV and podcasts.

Thanks for reading my blog, feel free to leave a comment if you had a different experience.

  • Mel McKay

P.S. – Happy Birthday to you Maria. You are my favorite person ever!

Flashback to our first meeting of the Cat’s Pajamas Wine Club in 2012


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