No More Red Envelopes :(

It’s the end of an era…today is the last day Netflix is sending out those familiar red envelopes with DVD’s in them 🙁 I remember when they first started it up.  It was the beginning of the end for Blockbuster.  We would always get excited when that red envelope arrived.  Remembering to send it back on time was sometimes a challenge, HA!  It’s all about streaming now and binge-watching our favorite shows on a plethora of web-streaming services.  I remember when you could pop that DVD in a tray on your laptop.  Now they don’t even come with that.  I’ll bet if you handed a DVD to a lot of young people these days they wouldn’t have any idea WHAT to do with it??  I guess that’s progress…  Well, I will continue to enjoy my Blu-Ray collection on my big TV while my wife binge-watches on her smart phone.  Welcome to the 21st Century!!  –Mark Davis,focus%20to%20streaming%20content%20online.


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