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That man, that character, that movie…the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was a HUGE and WONDERFUL part of my childhood.  Nobody could have played Willy Wonka better than the late Gene Wilder, NOBODY.  That being said, here it is 2023 and we have an all NEW Wonka in theaters.  It’s a prequel to the events we all grew up with.  What was his childhood like?  How did he start making chocolate?  Where did he find the Oompa Loompa’s?  After viewing the trailer I still don’t know whether I want to see it or not??  Remember what we all went through with Tim Burton’s 2005 remake…BLEH!  (One of the worst films ever made in my opinion…and I’m a huge fan of Tim Burton)  What do you think?  Will you see it?  Some of the actors in this one include Sally Hawkins, Rowan Atkinson, Hugh Grant (as an Oompa Loompa) and Timothee Chalamet as Willy Wonka himself.  I suppose I should see it.  Please don’t ruin my childhood again, K?  In a world of pure imagination…I can’t imagine a world without a little Wonka in it.  –Mark Davis

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