Fruit Makes it Better

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. I’ve heard of this most of my life. Haven’t you? I’m going to say it’s probably got some truth to it.

I think this is day 18 or 19 and I’m still going. I am still continuing this raw vegan fruits and vegetables lifestyle. It’s working! My skin is incredible and the brain fog seems to have disappeared. I’ve decided I’m going to do a 70% to 80% lifestyle of raw vegan for the rest of my life. It just works. I’ve saved so much money on food and I never think about what I’m going to eat 🙂
Why am I doing it?
Well, I’ve been wanting to do some thing like this since Spring 2023, but the timing wasn’t right. I wanted 40 days. I needed a soul cleanse. I needed to press pause on a lot of things in my life. My relationship with food, and some personal relationships.
Need a soul cleanse? Go for it!🤗
And you do know the most worlds most popular fruit?

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