My wife and I love date nights, been doing them the whole time we have been married, it’s important!  We really look forward to it.  Little did we know the adventures that awaited us.  We went to the Sharks game, me in my Sharks gear and my wife in her Sharks Santa hat.  The game was fine, I guess.  We sat next to a couple that didn’t stop talking the ENTIRE game, ok that’s fine.  The Sharks got their “pucks” handed to them, bad nite on the ice, that’s ok, I guess.  Can’t win all the time.  But the real adventure awaited us when we got home.  I opened the garage and apparently one of our local birds had fluttered in there earlier.  It was frantically trying to find a way out.

We left the garage door open, it wouldn’t fly through.  We opened the back door, it wouldn’t go out there either.  It circled, and circled, and circled the garage, apparently unaware if it flew a little lower it could just fly away.  What to do??  My wife came up with a plan.  She told me to wave a blanket back and forth so the bird would continue to fly her way.  She grabbed an outside sweeping broom and held it near the back garage door until the little bird got so tired it needed to land.  It landed on the broom.  She slowly lowered the broom so it could fly out the door.  Just when it got almost low enough, whoosh, off it fluttered high atop the garage in circles and circles and circles until it was tired again.  And then landing on the carefully placed broom.  Lower, lower, lower…almost out, LET’S FLY…the WRONG way, ugh.  We were going in circles again.  I was ready to go inside and make myself a stiff drink.  But my wife persevered.  She said, “one more time, we got this”.  So, I waved and waved the blanket, it flew and flew and flew, round and round and where she goes, now WE know.  Onto the broom.  And with no fight left in the little guy he waited to slowly be lowered through the door opening, and out.  Away, little bird, away…SUCCESS!

As an addendum to the story my wife saw that same little bird in our backyard the next day, dining on bird seed.  It seemed to look at her for a moment, acknowledge the freedom effort, and then was off to another adventure…maybe for it’s own date night adventure.

Life is funny…and every day I have with my better half makes it even better.

–Mark Davis



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