Bras, books and more on Conversations with Mel McKay on TV30

Hey did you know I host a TV show? On a March edition of “Conversations” aka ‘Between Two Barbs’.  I had the pleasure of welcoming Barbara Roudebush back to the show, plus we meet Barbara Hague from Tri-Valley SOCKS. Their Bra’s for the Cause walk is April 13th in downtown Pleasanton. The Barbs brought some of the creations from past walkers.

Next segment features Lani Longshore and Paula Chinick with Tri-Valley Writers Club.

Wrapping up the show is Tegan McLane with the Dublin Heritage Park & Museums.

Stream the latest episode here. 

Now this gal with a face for radio has got to get back behind the mic. Thanks for reading, listening and watching.

Peace & Love

  • Mel McKay





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