Baking Can Be Jolly-Good!

I just can’t watch most American produced cooking and baking shows!  They are so “in your face” and SO critical of the participants I find myself feeling stressed about baking.  I had a nightmare once about Guy Fieri showing up at my house and screaming at me because the meatloaf didn’t look right, hahaha!

That being said my wife recently introduced me to the British Baking Show on Netflix…what a delightful difference!  I absolutely love the way the hosts interact with the participants.  Yes, they get judged on their baking prowess, but not in a negative way.   It’s a very family-like atmosphere with lots of encouragement, laughs, surprises and delicious creations.  Even the contestants themselves get along and encourage each other to “take it to the next level”.  When someone is eliminated from the competition, it’s time for a group hug…how refreshing.

After watching the show I decided to try my hand at baking a lemon meringue pie…never tried it before.  Turned out pretty good if I do say myself.  The flavors weren’t perfect the first time but I got lots of high-fives from the fam.

Baking is absolutely NOT an exact science.  But trying is half the fun!  And that’s exactly what they teach you on the British Baking Show.  Here’s a link…give it a try…you will laugh, gasp, cheer and thoroughly enjoy this show, bravo!    Click here

–Mark Davis 🙂

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