Why I love Living in Pleasanton: Train edition

Why I love Living in Pleasanton: Train edition

California, everyone wants to live here. But we are the lucky ones who get to call it our home. Yes we endure the high cost of living and the commute but, there are a million reasons to love living here. I adore living in Pleasanton. But this love letter is dedicated to the trains. I love the sound of trains. I know a few P-town residents who don’t like how early the train whistles begin, but for me, they are perfectly timed. My day begins with the first whistle and ends when the last blasts of the day send commuters over the Altamont back to their homes. I don’t have to look at a clock, I know the time of day from the train whistles. I suppose if they are ever late, then I’m gonna have an issue. 

Where my love of trains began

You may want to know, is this affection for trains something new? No. Growing up in Sandy, UT, we had a train track that bordered our property and I used to ride my horse Butch to the fence and watch the train speed by. It was not a commuter train, it was used for freight transport. There were cars that were flat, others had doors on them, like the cars “Tramps” used to ride in the old movies we watched.

One day, I told my sister Maria I’d had it and I was running away. I have no idea what set me off, but whatever it was I was over it. I even packed up a bindle, tucked my kitten under my arm and started heading to the train. Maria convinced me she would miss me too much and so I stayed for her. As far as I know she kept it a secret, I probably would’ve gotten a good spanking for even thinking about running away and making my mother worry. 

Facts about trains

Here’s some facts about trains you may not know.  There’s lots to know about trains, here’s some more facts

I smile every-time I hear a train whistle. Maybe it’s because I’m terrible at whistling and trains nail it every time. 

Do you love trains too or is it just me? Granted I don’t own any model train sets, my affection doesn’t run that deep. What do you love about your Hometown?


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