It never fails. Thanksgiving Day starts out great. Everyone getting along – maybe enjoying a football game or two. Then the words that some families dread – “dinner is served”. You just know that someone is going to bring up a topic that will turn this fun day into a nightmare. Especially if the wine has been flowing.

You would think that politics would be the number one topic to avoid. However, a new survey says that is not true. The number one topic to avoid is long-standing family tensions. So don’t rehash dirty laundry from the past. Here are the topics to avoid at the Thanksgiving Dinner table:

  1. Long-standing family tensions
  2. General politics
  3. The 2020 presidential race
  4. Someone’s future plans
  5. Money
  6. The behavior of the guests
  7. Drinking or alcohol
  8. The cooking

Hopefully this will help you to have a Happy Thanksgiving without the drama!

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