The Fourth and The Fruit

The Fourth and The Fruit

On September 4 of 2023, I heard this guy online say he went raw vegan fruit and vegetables for 90 days. Say WHAT?! Was he crazy or something? But hey, I like a good challenge IF it can maybe help me. Right? But could I possibly do that? Ok. What the heck. Why not. I’m in!

On September 6th I started this crazy journey going Raw Vegan. Only eating fruit & vegetables for 40 days until my birthday October 17th. The first few days I felt horrible. Terrible headache. My body was slapping me around and trying to get me to say uncle! I told her to calm down. Dang it. My friend sugar, didn’t want me to break up with her. Ugh…she’s so freakin’ needy.

Well, I’m still here, I’m still doing it. Fourteen days in and i have stayed solid. Energy & brain fog have left me. I haven’t even injured anybody in my house. My body CRAVES it now. Crazy, right? Hey, I’ll take you on this journey with me. Nobody knows but YOU! I wanted to save it for our Hometown listeners.

Have you ever went on a journey and everybody thought you were crazy? Do tell. As I continue this thingy I’m doing….I’ll share why in my next episode.

Stay Tuned.

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