Play Ball?

Well, here we are again, baseball season gets underway this week.  As a lifelong Oakland Athletics fan I have very mixed feelings about the upcoming season, which, for all intents and purposes, will most likely be their last one in Oakland.

I will always support the players who come out and bust their collective butts day in and day out to try and win and entertain the fans.  I will NOT support the A’s ownership group or the move to Las Vegas.  It’s wrong for baseball and WRONG for one of the most loyal fan bases in all of baseball.

If you are an Athletics fan and choose not to attend home games this season I completely sympathize and understand your position.  The whole thing SUCKS.  I will go to some games and watch the team I have loved and supported since 1968.  I will NOT attend games if they move to Vegas.

Change is inevitable, I understand that.  But the city of Oakland and the current owners could have done a much better job of avoiding getting to this point.  It’s a tragedy that should not have happened.

I love the game of baseball and always will.  Go A’s…but please don’t go to Las Vegas.

–Mark Davis

Play Ball


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