Mark’s Baking Adventures-Key Lime Pie!

I’ve always been afraid of baking…I’m not sure why.  I guess because it’s such an exact science.  I was once told, “cooking is an art”, “baking is a science”.  You have to follow the recipe and measurements EXACT or you could get into trouble.  Being a novice, that’s a no-brainer for me, ha!

My latest adventure was Key Lime Pie!  I baked it for Big Game weekend…turned out pretty good 🙂  I got thumbs up from family and friends.  Here is the recipe I used, just click here!

The biggest thing for me is time…making the time to do it and TAKING the right amount of time to do it right without being rushed.  Took me about an hour, plus chill time.  One of the keys (pun intended!) was finding really fresh limes and the grated lime zest, yum!  I added the fresh kiwi on top!

If you’ve got any ideas or baking recipe’s you think I would enjoy trying, feel free to message me!  I’m in “experiment” mode now…happy baking!

–Mark Davis


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