Happy National Singles Week…5 Benefits of Being Single

Happy National Singles Week…5 Benefits of Being Single

I LOVE being single and there are a lot there are a lot of benefits. Let’s celebrate being Single.

  1. Relationships can be exhausting both mentally and physically. When you are single, you spend less time wearing yourself out worrying about the needs of you someone else. The single life allows you to take care of yourself and focus on your needs without feeling selfish for excluding someone you love.
  2. Relationships often get in the way of personal care and development. The average person in a relationship is less likely to meet their own personal needs when they have a partner. When you are single, your responsibility is make sure you are taking care of yourself.
  3. In many relationships, there is a shared financially responsibility. This includes bills, daily living costs, housing, transportations, to name a few. A single person has the benefits of taking care of their finances without the worry of another person or their needs. Being financially independent often leads having the ability to also budget and spend your savings on what you want.
  4. Being single is a confidence booster. In fact, single people often attend events or go on vacation alone without worrying about another person. This requires confidence to find activities without worrying about someone else. You make your own decisions based on preference and self-assurance that you can find entertainment alone.
  5. Being single does not mean you are lonely. Instead, being single means you are comfortable with yourself and do not need to rely on others to make you whole. In addition, the single life allows you to spend time with people who improve your life. This means you surround yourself with people who contribute to your wellbeing and have your best interests at heart.


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