Are You Among the 52% of Us Known as ‘Digital Hoarders’? Who’ve Never Deleted a Single File from Our Phone or Computer!

Welcome to a new decade, where digital hoarding is a thing. A new study found over half of us let all of our photos, songs, and other files pile up, to the point that we’ve never deleted a SINGLE FILE from any of our devices. 52% of Americans said they’ve never deleted a file.  And 33% are holding onto stuff that’s more than 10 years old.

Here’s how the survey breaks down.

1. Possibility of needing these files in the future         39%
2. They are memories that can never be deleted       35%
3. It’s a chore or it’s boring                                          32%
4. Feel bad deleting old files                                       26%
5. Not having the time                                                 25%

Why do you hold onto files or pictures?

  • Mel McKay