Vagina Monologues is coming!

Tri-Valley Haven is bringing back “The Vagina Monologues to the Bankhead Theater in Livermore!  Don’t miss this show!!  It’s Friday, April 5 and Saturday, April 6 with three big shows.  It’s a poignant and hilarious celebration of female sexuality for woman AND men.

My step-daughter, Kylie, was in this show several years ago and told me it was one of the most enriching and fulfilling experiences of her life.  That’s her, 4th from the left!

And the exciting moments backstage!

My good friend Elisa is directing the show.  Please come see The Vagina Monologues.  All proceeds from the shows benefit Tri-Valley Haven’s domestic violence and sexual assault programs.  I love this organization SO much.  Tickets are available at or you can call 925-373-6800.  See you at the show!

–Mark Davis

Photographs courtesy of Terri Brindisi Photography.





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