Free Tulips, Right Here, Get Your Free Tulips

The San Francisco Annual Tulip Garden is back with free tulips! Saturday, March 7th at Union Square. Go pick your own bunch of tulips from 1 to 4:30pm.

I love Tulips, even though I couldn’t officially proclaim then as my favorite flower. Why? Well I’m the baby of the family and my sister and BFFL (Best Friend For Life) Maria had already declared them her fav. So I picked Daffodils for our garden.  But seriously, tulips are far superior, so many colors.

Flashforward many, many years. Maria and I take a trip to Amsterdam to take in the beauty of the Tulip Fields. This picture is one I took on that trip, and it’s one of my all time favorites. With no filter and taken on an actual camera. I was so old school! I just love the way the sunlight illuminates them.

If you take advantage of the free tulips, I hope you will share pictures here in the comments. Thanks for reading.

  • Mel McKay