The Top New Dating Trends for 2021 Include “Apocalypsing,” “Maskerading,” and “Fauci-ing”
Asian man talking to girlfriend via internet when he is in business trip

The dating app Plenty of Fish puts out an annual list of dating trends they expect to see more of next year.  And a few of the trends on their 2021 list have to do with COVID.  Here are 11 dating trends they expect to see more of next year . . .

1.  Fauci-ing.  Declining to date someone because you don’t feel they’re taking the pandemic seriously enough.


2.  Maskerading.  Where you PRETEND to care about masks and COVID-19, just so people will date you.


3.  Apocalypsing.  Treating every relationship like it’s your last, and getting too serious too quick.  A third of single people know someone who’s done it.


4.  Zoomlander-ing.  Like the movie “Zoolander”.  It’s people who won’t stop checking THEMSELVES out on camera when you’re on a Zoom date.


5.  Sanitizing.  This one isn’t a COVID thing.  It’s when you delete photos and wipe all evidence of past relationships from your social media.


6.  Endgame-ing.  Accidentally sending a racy photo or video to someone you’re dating.


7.  Folklore-ing.  Being so focused on fairytale romance that your expectations don’t match reality.


8.  Waldo-ing.  When someone only posts group photos on their dating profile, so it’s hard to tell which person they are.


9.  Stalk-blocking.  When you make all of your social media accounts private, so people who might want to date you can’t research you first.


10.  Bradying.  This one’s a dig on Tom Brady for changing teams.  It’s when you end a long-term relationship even though everyone says it’s a mistake.


11.  Hey and Pray.  When you play the numbers game on dating apps, and just spam a bunch of people with things like “hi” or “hey there.”  Two-thirds of women who use dating apps say it’s happened to them.


I’m not dating right now, and I’m so happy about that. All I need is my Dog, Nigel Winston III. If you are dating, have you encountered any of these?

  • Mel McKay