The story of the East Bay Eye Center Gnome
I got a special in studio visit Shirley from Mt. House and the East Bay Eye Center Gnome.
Credit: Mel McKay
The Gnome tells us the story….

It all started in 2010 when the gnome was given intentionally as a gift then in 2014 it came back during the white elephant gift exchange he was named Oswald the ophthalmic Gnome. Dr. Todd began to tell the story about the gnome.

By the way, the second gnome, the first one was lost in an earthquake and whoever gets the gnome has to keep it and bring it back every year for the gift exchange score. It means job security present there was laughter. In 2017 the First home it went to she lived with her parents lousy economy she would put Oswald in areas around the house and giggle when your mom shouts your name you know your in trouble yes even in your thirties needless her mom was happy to see him go the next place I travel to a home in Vallejo there I met a fur baby name Wicket, Bosco and Willow that was fun all the that was happening.

In 2019 I thought I would be able to chill at a nice home but I was in for a surprise I heard over the years before being chosen by these shenanigans and the trips she takes to a place in Nevada called black rock city over 600 pieces of art a few art gets burned in bonfires I thought this can’t be half bad if I get to see a giant cool structures I met a bunch of weird artistic humans I found out this thing she took me to was called burning man I hope I survive this one and no one wants to show me the Bonfire 2020.

The next home I went to the Werner’s house they were the most boring people classical music on the radio they don’t even had a tv then I overheard one day that the grandkids were moving there and they want to move as well that was the most exciting day of my life when I can be put back in my box and return to east bay eye center a least there are people with a life there. The next place I went was a family that had kids that had a wild side to all their energy I was glad to come back to East Bay Eye the next home I went to I thought I could get some rest was I wrong this person is a social butterfly and she knows every one I thought this might be fun to meet lots of people the first place she took he to the market on 6th that’s where I met Claudia the owner she left me there for a few days I thought this will be fun I can meet lots of people little did I know Claudia was going to make me work  the next place she took me was to a music in the park where she lives she put me on stage so I could be part of the band the drummer didn’t like me much I did get to meet the singer I thought I was meeting Adam Levine but no but he looked like him next stop for me was the farmers market where I met more people it was a hot day so to quench my thirst she bought me a drink from tipsy tea it was so good a long with my pizza from Gigi the next people I met was two officers from the CHP they were nice until they found out I was a little tipsy omg she got me arrested never been in the back of a police car I even told them she knows officer Rickman so I can go they said sorry he is retiring never the less they let go and told to go home and sleep it off since I was not driving it was ok she took me to the Mt House Fire House that was fun I met lots of fireman they put me in there truck they made me a Jr fireman went to there pancake breakfast I did not know they can cook it was good I even went to a radio station KKIQ where I met Mel McKay and there mascot Wolfie. I’m tired and can’t wait to see where I go next it wouldn’t be an East Bay holiday season without some laughter with our Oswald the ophthalmic gnome.

Credit: Mel McKay

Credit: Mel McKay

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