The Day After…

I always thought it was hardest to sit and watch your team lose their shot at playing in the Big Game, the World Series, the NBA finals, the hockey finals…but this week I discovered the “day after” is even harder.  The 49ers missed their ticket to play in the Big Game.  I was bummed Sunday night but I find myself as a big fan today feeling lost and heartbroken 🙁  Let’s face it, it sucks.  It’s like being told you are a finalist in a big drawing and not winning…it’s like waiting for an important date and the date doesn’t show up…it’s like hoping that new recipe tastes just like it looks…and it doesn’t…yeah, it’s like that.  I know, I know, next year…sigh…that seams SO far away.  And for some teams and their fans those “next years” turn into “next decades”…or in the case of my San Jose Sharks, winning The Cup…it’s never happened…yet.  So there you go 49er fans, my perspective on losing to the Eagles.  Who’s gonna win this years Big Game?  Who cares…hang in there 49er fans.

–Mark Davis

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