The Bull Of Bullying 🤬

I did a Bullying Prevention at the library and WOW it really touched my heart. I can’t believe that we are still talking about this. Bullying. UGHHHHH WHY OH WHY is this still happening. It makes me SO sad. I know some of you have struggled…. but can I encourage you. It won’t last forever. And you’re doing an amazing job! Keep asking and talking with your child about this horribleness still happening.

Let me offer a few tips for you and your child if they’re struggling:
1. Make SURE their teachers are being held accountable especially if it’s happening in the classroom.
2. Let the principal know what’s going on the principal should be their ally.
3. And FINALLY make sure their friend group lifts them up instead of tearing them down.
I think we should continue the conversation. Any tools or tips you can offer for bullying prevention?

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