Ten Ways We Plan to Have a More Eco-Friendly Christmas

With fewer people traveling this year, Christmas might be more eco-friendly by default.  But a recent poll looked at ways we’re TRYING to have a more eco-friendly Christmas.  Here are some of the top ways we plan to do it . . .


1.  Wasting less food and eating more leftovers.


2.  Making sure you recycle all your delivery boxes.


3.  Avoiding stuff made of plastic, like gifts, decorations, and packaging.


4.  Using recyclable wrapping paper.  A lot of the glossy stuff can’t be recycled.


5.  Shopping online instead of driving around to different stores.


6.  Traveling less.


7.  Buying Christmas cards from charities that help the environment.


8.  Eating less meat.


9.  Not leaving your Christmas lights on as much.


10.  Buying fewer gifts, or going completely gift-free this year.


Happy Holidays!



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