Sting Brings “The Last Ship” To San Francisco

Rock and Roll hall of famer, Sting, is in San Francisco in the musical “The Last Ship”. Thanks to our friends at BroadwaySF, I had a chance to see the show that is inspired by Sting’s 1991 album, “The Soul Cages”.

It tells the story of Gideon, who returns to a Northern England ship building town after being gone for 17 years. He finds that the shipyard, where most of the town folk work, is closing. Along with that, the love he left behind has moved on. It’s a story about the strong bonds of friendship, not only among the shipbuilders, but among the women who love them and how these women are instrumental to the conclusion.

First thing – it’s pretty cool to have a rock icon in town taking on the lead role. Sting does a passable job as Jackie White, the shipyard foreman. I felt that his acting chops are not to the level of the rest of the cast, but his singing voice is still great. He was sporting sling on his left arm, so don’t know if that had anything to do with it. The rest of the cast does a great job!

All of the actors are from the UK, and they utilize heavy English accents. I found it a little difficult to pick up everything they were saying in the first few minutes, but then it became easier to understand. Of course it could be my old ears!

There is a lot of passion in this story, and it is worth checking out during it’s run at The Golden Gate Theater. It will be there until March 22. Get ticket information at