Remember these Niner Fans???

Yes, I own them.  Yes, I still wear them during big 49er games!  These Converse high tops were released in the 1980’s.  Ran across them by accident at a shoe store back in the day and got them brand new.  Do they bring the boys in Red, White and Gold good luck?  But of course!  (Just don’t get too close to smell them, phew!)  Check out the other collectibles I have…

Yup, it’s pretty much red and gold at Casa Davis (although my wife doesn’t give a rats **s about football!)  That’s OK, we do Sharks games together…detente! 🙂

Who do we root for at KKIQ…well, depends on who you talk to, HA!

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!!!  GO NINERS!!! 😉

–Mark Davis



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