Paws in Need

Spay & Neuter Program

Paws In Need has expanded the availability of financial assistance for Spay and Neuter surgeries to the general public. This is needed to reduce the number of animals that come to local shelters costing taxpayers millions of dollars each year.

The Spay/Neuter Program offers financial assistance to reduce the stray and feral overpopulation in our community. Your generous donation of;

  • $ 15.00 will pay for a flea treatment for one animal
  • $ 50.00 will pay for neutering services for a male animal
  • $ 75.00 will pay for spaying services of a female animal
  • $ 100.00 will pay for spaying services of a female animal with complications

Send an email to or leave a voicemail at ( 925) 551-1877


To read an article written by Justin Tong on Animal Overpopulation click HERE



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