Mels’ Breast Biopsy Results Are In

It was 4pm, 50 hours after the procedure. My breast was still tender, but no signs of bruising.

I was beginning to wonder if I would hear the news before the end of the business day. Of course, I was glued to my phone. But also starting to resign myself to the possibility I might have to sleep one more night before knowing. Finally it rang, and the caller ID said “My Doctors Office”.

Me: “Hey Dr. Tim”

Dr Tim: “Hi, I have good news”

Me: “Thank you Baby Jesus”

Pop goes the champagne cork. I am so grateful and thankful. It’s been a good lesson in controlling negative thoughts and worries. I used to say “I am a worrier”, but I’m trying to evolve.

Thank you for reading and following my #MissionMammogram story.

To the brave warriors who survived, and those currently fighting, you have my love & support.

Peace, Love & Health.

  • Mel McKay




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