Mel & Nigel On the Road Again: Weekend Wanderings

Since we had one of the last ‘summer like’ weekends, at least weather wise, I decided to grab Nigel and hit the road. With our brand new Sabacc Dice around the rear view mirror, a gift from Charlie from Meals on Wheels, we were ready for our road trip. I meant to stop in Boulder Creek since I’ve heard what a cute little town it is. But I got lost in thought and my audio book. First stop Santa Cruz, sadly dogs are not allowed on the wooden wharf, nor at the closest restaurant with a patio. Oh well…

I found us a hotel near the boardwalk that accepts pets.

Score, the fire pit is right outside our room, next to the pool.

Nigel is putting up with my selfies like a champ.

“Wait this bed is bigger than our apartment! Woo Hoo” – Nigel

Time to get adventurous. This is the Bacon, Black Fig, Feta & Fresh Sage from Pizza My Heart. It is amazing, and went well with my Cabernet.

Nigel ready for a nap.

Saturday morning we headed up the coast. Keeping eyes out for any treasures along the way. Which we found right away!

Nancy was having a yard sale with some antiques and furniture. I’ve been looking for a new nightstand, my old one is super cheap and about to collapse. Just look at this beauty, it’s PERFECT. I recently bought a white vanity, it’s like they were meant to be together.

Plus I picked up this end table/stool, both are nice and sturdy, and only cost me $40.

So many amazing views, I wanted to stop at all, but I’m glad I chose this one near Davenport, CA.

Windows down hair and we don’t care!

These birds are living the dream.

I’ve never been to a lighthouse, so you can imagine the squeal of joy when it came into view. The Pigeon Point Lighthouse was built in 1872 after a few major shipwrecks. Yes, that is a piece of one of the ships.

Just looking at this picture relaxes me.

Renovations are being made, but for now it is closed to the public. You can see the fencing protecting us. Learn more here. 

Our next stop was recommended by Charlie, our fellow Star Wars Fan. Moss Beach Distillery, a breathtaking spot with an interesting history plus a ghost! This is the view from our seat in front of one of the fire pits.

Nigel gives The Moss Beach Distillery 3 Kisses. Partly because of all the other fur babies and humans to adore him.

Learn more about the history of the place formerly known as Frank’s Place and The Blue Lady who haunts it.

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