Well Bay Area Sports fans…we have witnessed one of the greatest hockey playoff comebacks, EVER!  Sharks were down 3-0 in game 7 halfway through period 3.  It was looking pretty bleak for Sharks fans, but you know, we get used to this 🙁  Admittedly I walked away and started focusing on other things at that point.  Couldn’t watch anymore.  I remember walking back to the couch, I looked up, and saw a horrific hit and drop to Captain Joe Pavelski, it was serious…head injury.  Several players gingerly helped Joe into the dressing room where he could get medical attention.  As they walked back onto the ice I felt a definite change in the aura at the Shark Tank.  It was as if the players and fans just got a jolt of electricity streaming through their veins.  It was a 5 minute major penalty which allows the Sharks to play 5 on 4 and score as many goals as they could in a 5 minute period.  This is what happened next…


I have never seen anything like it…4 power-play goals in less than 5 minutes and the Sharks were up 4-3.  WTF???  The crowd went NUTS!  Before the period was over the Vegas Golden Knights scored a goal and it was all tied, 4-4, going into sudden death overtime.  I couldn’t stay in my seat…riveting!!!  I couldn’t help thinking, “would this be another end of season disappointment for Sharks fans”?  We have endured too many…  My answer came in the most unexpected fashion:


Bottom line…it ain’t over til it’s over.  WHAT A FINISH.  We really did witness something that may not come again in our Bay Area sports lifetimes.  Bravo San Jose Sharks and good luck the rest of the way.  I’m with you, and I’ve got a surprise for you online on the Mark Davis Facebook feed.  It’s a labor of love.  And I LOVE my San Jose Sharks.  GO SHARKS!!!!!

–Mark and L.A. Davis

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