Inside Nigel’s Noggin – Halloween Podcast

Welcome to Nigel’s first Podcast, he tells you all about his frustrations with me.

  • Mel McKay

Hi Nigel Winston III here. I’m so thankful Halloween is OVER. My Mom is the worst! At least this year it wasn’t a ‘couples’ costume. The first year she had me, she went as Princess Leia and I was Chewbacca.

She made my little belt/sash thing and let my hair grow really long. That wasn’t so bad. But she did caption one of our photos like this, “The Empire shrunk Chewie, not cool.” SMH, Mom and her obsession with Star Wars.

She even bought the book “How to Speak Wookiee” just for the Chewie shaped sound effect thing. Check it out in the video she made us do….

The guy she was dating at the time was dressed as Han Solo. We posed for pictures together then it was off with the belt and back to normal life for me. They went to a party, I was happy to stay in the hotel room and nap.

The next Halloween, she worked for months on our costumes, she made her whole costume, even painted the gold onto the fabric. She was the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones.

I was Drogon, the biggest, baddest, best one. You know the one she rides. For that costume mom took a black hoodie of mine and added a tail, wings, scales and eyes. Rhaegal and Viserion were on her shoulder and wrist. She had those on hand, cause she went through a collecting dragon phase ages before she adopted me. It made her happy to create it all. Check out all the detail on mine. I didn’t mind this one so much…cuz’ well I’m kinda a bad boy dragon myself….

We didn’t dress up last year but I got Halloween themed toys. This was my favorite Halloween EVER. I hoped and prayed this little costume phase was finally over.

But NOooooo! Yesterday she comes home in a wig and a tiny top hat and I still had hope, she likes wigs.

This is the picture she posted, after she used some kinda trick to make her look like a ghost.

But then she strapped these stupid devil horns on me.

This time you went too far Mom! Even though it was only “3 minutes”…. That’s in Mommy years…. And in doggie years, that’s like 20 whole minutes!!…. And in my world…. An unbearable eternity….Unacceptable!!!  No matter that she begged me to forgive her (well I did get a few extra treats out of her…which is always good…)…..  Anyway, if this keeps up, next year I’m going to dress her up as my favorite chew toy… and I will of course go as myself…..

Bone Drop!

  • Nigel Winston III






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