I Eat How Many Calories On Superbowl Sunday??

If your New Year’s resolution was to lose weight, Superbowl Sunday may not be a good day for you. There is a study out that says the AVERAGE person will consume almost 11,000 calories on that one day. That is about 4 times the amount of daily calories that doctors recommend.

By the way, that does not include calories from drinks. So if you are drinking sugary sodas, beer or hard alcohol, you can add even more calories to that 11,000 total.

The study even broke down what the average person eats during the game. What they discovered was that the average person will eat 19 different foods on Sunday. Here is the breakdown:

2.7 wings, 3.2 slices of pizza, 2.1 servings of fries, 3.4 bags of chips, 1.9 bowls of chili, 2.4 burgers, 1.7 sliders, 2 hot dogs, 2.7 portions of nachos, 3 pieces of fried chicken, 1.8 ribs, 1.7 sausages, 1.6 slices of cake, 1.8 brownies,1.8 bowls of ice cream, 2.1 subs, 1.7 bags of candy, 1.9 chocolate bars and 2.3 bowls of salad.

I would like to know where this Superbowl party takes place – that is one heck of a menu!