Here Are Five Tips for Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at Home

It’s the first day of “Shelter In Place” and it happens to fall on St. Patrick’s Day. Normally, a lot of us would be drinking green beer at a bar, and eating corned beef and cabbage at a restaurant. With the “Shelter In Place” order, bars are closed and restaurants can only offer take-out or delivery. To help you salvage your St. Patrick’s Day celebration, here are five tips for celebrating at home:

1.  Watch some Irish movies.  “Harper’s Bazaar” posted a list of more than 20 good ones you can look for on various streaming services.  And ranked the ten best St. Patrick’s Day SITCOM episodes of all time.

2.  Attend a virtual St. Patrick’s Day party.  The Milwaukee Irish Fest is the largest Irish event in North America.  They’ll be live-streaming performances and videos on social media.  Also, the Dropkick Murphys are streaming a show live from Boston with no audience.  ( has a list with a few more.)

3.  If you’ve got kids, lean heavily on arts and crafts.  They’ll need something to do that won’t require going anywhere.  And you want it to take a while, so YOU can relax.  “Woman’s Day” posted a list of 35 ideas you can check out.  And YouTube and Spotify have a ton of traditional Irish music you can stream while you get crafty.

4.  Brush up on your Irish-American history.  About 33 million Americans have Irish ancestors.  So it might be a good day to check out sites like  The website has a good guide for getting started.

5.  Cook some Irish food. has a ton of recipes.  Just don’t DRINK too much.  Alcohol weakens your immune system, which is exactly what you don’t want right now.  It’s not clear what a “safe” amount looks like.  So definitely dial it back this year.

Remember that you can order your corned beef and cabbage from your favorite restaurant and have it delivered.

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