Happy New Year Staff Party

Happy New Year Staff Party

The Holidays were very busy for us, so we decided to have our “Holiday Party” in January! Thanks to Bridges in Danville for hosting us. We had the best time. Let me introduce you to the crew. There’s a lot of people behind the scenes here at KKIQ and our sister station KUIC.

Hometown Mornings Mel McKay & Ron Brown on Traffic

Mel McKay & Ron Brown

Love these Ladies

Credit: Faith Alpher

(L to R) Kristin (Sales) Kristi (Sales Manager) Me (You know Me) Michelle (Sales) Yvonne (Business Manager) & Faith Alpher (DJ, Comedian, ETC)


Credit: Mel McKay

(L to R) Jim Hampton (DJ) Mike Stockwell (Engineer) Michelle (Sales) Kristi (Sales Manager) Janet (Sales) Maria (Sales)

We took up 3 tables (But I missed my table with Mark Davis cause we were mingling)

Credit: Mark Davis

Doug (Sales) & Mark Davis

Credit: Mel McKay

(L to R) Karen (Digital Sales) Cindy (Prize Fulfillment & Graphics) Donna (KUIC DJ) Joe (Sales) Phil (General Manager) Jeff Dorian (Afternoon Traffic) Ron Brown (Morning Traffic) John (KUIC DJ) & Austin (Street Teamer)

The Alpha Far East Bay Team

Credit: Bridges Staff Member

(L to R) Joe, Phil, Ron, Dave, Mike, Jeff, Jim, Austin, Doug, Mark Davis, Karen, John, Yvonne, Janet, Michelle, Kristi, Me, Faith, Kristin, Donna, Cindy & Maria

Happy New Year!

I am so happy to work with these wonderful people. I hope you love your crew as much as I love mine.

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