Just when I thought I’d seen it all, now some scientists at the University of California have come up with this complex formula for calculating your dog’s precise age in human years.  It’s just multiplied by seven, right?  Apparently that’s WRONG, wow.  Get out your calculator.  The equation is 16 x “In” (your dog’s age in human years) + 31, with “In” being the natural logarithm of the dog’s real age.  WHAT???  Just give it to me in ENGLISH man!  OK, that means 1-year old Fido would celebrate his 31st human birthday.  At 2, your canine buddy is 42.1 years old, make sense?

I don’t know about all that.  What I do know is our elderly states-dog is getting up there.  And just passing out on the couch or on the bed together is just fine with us…no calculations necessary.  Sleep tight Raven.

–Mark Davis

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