Do You Always Put Your Shopping Cart Back?

It seems like scientists study everything. Now, they have done a study about people putting back their shopping carts after loading their car. They say there are five different types of shopping cart returners.

  1. People who always return their cart. They have a sense of obligation, or feel bad for making someone else do it. I am going to assume (I know) that they are talking about returning it to the stack by the store OR to one of the collection areas in the parking lot.
  2. Never Returners. People who never do it and feel it’s someone else’s responsibility. They might even justify it by saying something like, “It gives someone a job. If everyone returned their cart, that person would be out of work”.
  3. Convenience Returners. People who only return their cart if the weather’s nice, or they’re parked close to where it’s supposed to go.
  4. Pressure Returners. People who only do it if they know someone’s watching. Like an employee or someone parked right next to them.
  5. Child-Driven Returners. Meaning parents who make their kids do it, or trick them into thinking it’s fun.

What category do you fall in? I am happy to say that I am number 1.