This time of year, we get inundated with “end of year” lists. Best movies, most listened to songs, worst moves, favorite cheese (maybe not). As expected, these “end of year” lists have moved into the digital realm. Google has come out with their most-searched “what is” questions of 2019. Did you ask any of these questions?

  1. “What is Area 51?”
  1. “What is a VSCO girl?”  (Pronounced VIS-co) It’s an insult for women who post heavily edited photos using the app VSCO.
  1. “What is momo?”  It was a fake Internet challenge where kids supposedly did violent stuff.  But it was just a hoax.
  1. “What is a boomer?”  Because of the “OK boomer” thing that millennials started using for Baby Boomers.
  1. “What is quid pro quo?”  It’s a Latin phrase that means “something for something.”
  1. “What is camp fashion?”  It was this year’s Met Gala theme.  One style writer summed it up as clothing that’s “exaggerated, extravagant, gaudy, ironic, kitschy, [and] tongue-in-cheek.”
  1. “What is Disney Plus?”  Disney’s new streaming service that launched last month.
  1. “What is Bird Box about?”  The Sandra Bullock movie that hit Netflix last December.
  1. “What is a Mandalorian?”  A fictional race of people from the “Star Wars” universe.
  1. “What is Brexit?”  Britain’s exit from the European Union that barely passed in 2016 but still hasn’t happened. 

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