The Day I Met My BFF

Welcome to Flashback Friday! Going way back to 1972, I was a week old and my mom and I had just come back to Salt Lake City from Hilldale where the midwife Lydia delivered me, and my 8 big brothers and sisters. Seth, Charlotte, Shem, Karen, Stephen, Kenneth, Mark and Maria, my best friend in the whole world. I love her so much it’s crazy. She’s funny, super smart, and beautiful to boot. I tell her all the time that I feel sorry for her, cause she had to live 2 and a half years without me. I’m the lucky one, cause I’ve had a Best Friend since birth.

45 years later and I can’t tell you how much our relationship means to me. We’ve been through a lot, and yes we’ve had fights. But those were few and thankfully far between. We celebrate each others birthday’s together, which means we see one another at least twice a year, but we always try for more. She lives in Las Vegas and is a mechanic for Allegiant Air. Yep, she’s a 6 foot tall, bad ass who manages to have beautiful nails, in spite of the dirty work she does.

She served in the Navy and graduated from UNLV. While getting her degree she worked full time. I learned a lot from proof reading her papers. She’s deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan several times, working as a civilian contractor. She has some great stories, some sad and scary, but most are hilarious.

(my desk in the studio)

These are just a small sample of our amazing times together. It’s not her birthday or anything, but getting the picture of our first meeting inspired me.  Thanks to our nephew Shemy “Coco Puff” for sending it.

Coldplay! (inside joke)

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