Danville team Meatball Mamas on The Great Food Truck Race: Alaska

Episode 4 of The Great Food Truck Race: Alaska, finds the Final Four Teams ready to go! Aly Romero joins me to chat about the episode. 

Click this picture of Meatball Mamas to listen.

The McKay Play by Play

The challenge for the seed money this time was panning for gold? Seriously?!?! Come in Tyler. 

Meatball Mamas were first in the river in Seward, Alaska.

Eureka! (in order of gold found)

Tasty Balls

Meatball Mamas 

Breakfast for Dinner

Some Like It Tots 

Seward, Alaska means a smaller store with no ground chicken! So Meatball Mamas had to switch up their menu. They went with Beef & Pork Parm Meatballs & garlic parm fries, Mamas Sausage Minestrone & Hot Caramel apple cider with whipped cream.

Enter Tyler with another challenge. Crab Cash Challenge for $500!

Meatball Mamas; Aly, Flora & Jocelyn made Corn and Dungeness Crab Chowder. Yum. Aly will be recreating this recipe so make sure you check out AlyRomero.com 

Meatball Mamas lands in the bottom 2. Nooooooo!

Sadly, it’s officially over for Meatball Mamas. I will miss watching them every week and chatting with them on the radio too. 

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