Secret Song of the Day

Were you one of our lucky listeners given a Secret Song of the Day card at the KKDV Booth?
Congratulations - you could win $100!!

Just listen for the Secret Song of the Day and you could win $100! Only you and other holders of this card know about the Secret Song of the Day contest! NO mention of it will be made on air. 

  Here's how to win the $100: 

1. Listen to 92.1 KKDV Monday morning (you can listen on the KKDV app or
   online at too!) 

2. Sometime between 9:15am and 9:30am, we'll play the SECRET SONG of the
   DAY! The song is listed on the     card given to you. 

    The specific song you should listen for on Monday, May 19th is:
    "Catch My Breath" by Kelly Clarkson 

3. Be caller #10 when the song starts and WIN $100! 

   Call the KKDV Listener Line at 925-977-4921 or 866-778-9595

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