Lighting the Eye of Diablo

December 7th
3:45 PM
Mount Diablo

Every year since 1964, the Pearl Harbor survivors and their families have memorialized Pearl Harbor Day by relighting the historic Beacon atop Mount Diablo's summit. The “Eye of Diablo” as it’s known, was extinguished in 1941 just after the attack on Pearl Harbor.  In 1964, Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz, Commander in Chief of Pacific Forces during World War II, relit the Beacon the first time and suggested it be lit every December 7th to honor those who served and sacrificed. 

The Beacon is lit at sunset and shines all night on this single evening each year. The event begins at sunset and the public is invited to attend. This year will be the first official Beacon lighting since it underwent an extensive restoration process earlier this year to ensure it continues to shine for many more years. 

For more information about the annual Beacon Lighting Ceremony, read the press release or contact Save Mount Diablo's office at (925) 947-3535.

Listen to Emily Prusso's perspective and discovery of the Eye of Diablo from KQED Radio's Perspectives.
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