For the birds!!

OK I got tired of seeing everybody post pics of their dogs and cats.  What about our aviary friends?  That cute little one looking at you above is Chloe, our Green Cheek Conjure.  She is in love with that Christmas Tree stocking holder and loves to spin it around and around and around.  (We think it’s her secret lover cuz she loves to stare at it).  Of course the fact that she can see her reflection probably has something to do with it.  She is somewhat narcissistic.

And this is my little buddy, Beeker!


He loves to just chill leaning against his happy hut.  You know, kind of the James Dean “whatever” pose.  Joe Cool indeed.  Green Cheek Conjures don’t have much vocal ability but he learned his name was Beeker very young and loves to say his name when I come in the room or have food.  Beeker, Beeker, Beeker…OK I’m coming, geeze!  My friends at Feathered Follies in Concord are always looking for homes for birds of every size and shape.

Think about it!  We love our little guys!

–Mark Davis


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