KKIQ Teacher of the Month

    KKIQ's Teacher of the Month

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in Dublin

"Committed to serving our community"


Congratulations to KKIQ's AugustTeacher of the Month:

Mrs. Heidi Preece
4th grade teacher at Livermore Valley Charter School 

She was nominated by student, Emily Bruce! 

According to Emily, "Mrs. Preece is so generous with her time and love for all of the children in her class, even in the face of some trying times in her won life"

Mrs. Preece won an Ultimate Coffee Break for her & the staff of Livermore Valley Charter!  

Her entire class also won jump passes to Rockin' Jump in Dublin! 

At the end of each month KKIQ selects a teacher who receives special recognition. We appreciate all our educators and this is something to show the community that there are businesses that care about the hard work put forth by our teachers.

Get involved!

Write a letter in 50 words or less nominating your favorite teacher, and send it to:

KKIQ “Teacher of the Month”
7901 Stoneridge Drive, Suite 525
Pleasanton, Ca 94588

Or you can send an email to: TeacheroftheMonth@kkiq.com