Kim Vestal


BORN (DATE & PLACE): Watsonville, CA  May 12th.

MARITAL STATUS:  Married.  Met my husband Craig when we were students at SJSU.        

CHILDREN:   2—a boy and a girl.  And 2 cats who think they are our children.                                   

LIKES:    Radio, cooking, eating what I cook, Facebook, home grown tomatoes, a good long nap, , See’s candy, champagne, old movies, old friends, People Magazine, the ocean, luxury hotels, spending time at home with my family.

DISLIKES:   People who park illegally, , getting ink on my clothes, people who are late, plastic wine glasses, humid weather, buying a swimsuit, smoking, when I can’t balance my checkbook, people who say their phone number too fast when leaving a message, foul language.

FAVORITE AUTHORS:   I read biographies almost all the time. Love real life stories.             

FAVORITE MUSICAL ARTISTS:  Shall I start with the letter “A”? There are so many I can’t possibly list them. Just say I’m real music lover, that’s why I’m in radio.                


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