The 37th Annual All Breed Cat Show

  Crow Canyon Cat Club


               The 37th Annual All Breed Cat Show            

Saturday April 1st 2017 & Sunday April 2, 2017  10:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Hall of Commerce, Alameda Co Fairgrounds

Pleasanton, Calif.


More than 200 cats and kittens of 42 breeds, including the curly haired Rex, the hairless Sphynx, along with fluffy Persians and slinky Siamese.

All competing for Best in Show!

                  Cheer for your favorite in the Feline Agility Competition.                                       See how it’s done at this website.   

Many vendors of arts and crafts, cat toys, cat trees, cat-related gifts and gadgets for cats and cat-lovers!

Find that purrfect feline companion of your favorite breed or adopt one from a rescue group at the show.


 ADMISSION: $9 Adults

$5 Seniors and children under 10 year old $20 Family

Need more information?

     (925) 827-2722  


Learn more about the wonderful world of

pedigreed cats at

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